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Holly Correa has been an educator for over 20 years. She has a M.A. in Educational Leadership, a California Administrative Services credential, in addition to a Multiple Subjects Teaching Credential. Her experience teaching students with spectrum challenges such as Asperger’s and Autism, combined with her experience facilitating the IEP process, make her an excellent child advocate. On a personal note, Holly is the mother of a child with high functioning autism and has advocated on his behalf throughout his life. She understands first-hand the impact having a special needs child places on the family, and is passionate about finding just the right combination of support so that everyone thrives.

Please call Holly for your Southern California Advocacy needs. 805 512-2034

Advocacy Training

We have just completed our Advocacy School training classes and the Free School is now open to the public. The nine units cover the entire process from Eligibility to Litigation. The curriculum is perfect for attorneys, psychologists, parents of special needs children and others. Please visit our Online School .

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Finding Advocates

If you need to find an advocate for your child, try searching the COPAA database of members who represent special needs children.

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Rene Thomas Folse, JD, Ph.D.

I am an attorney at law and licensed psychologist (PSY 11415) in California.

I have had over thirty five years of experience with disabled adults and children.

I have created this site to help provide useful news and information for parents, educators and advocates. I am retired from professional practice, however if you need further information you may contact Pause4KIDS my affiliated non-profit organization here.

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Training Links

It is important that parents have opportunities to enhance their knowlege about their children and the services that are available for them. Here are a few links to orgainizations that provide training.



Psychology License
Child Advocacy
Special Ed


Mapping Transitions to Your Childs Future

Catalog of Social Skills Toys

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Social Skills Board Games (6 Pack)

List Price:$36.95
Lowest New Price:$29.10
There are no right or wrong answers in these six unique board games! each game has players discs the solutions to socially challenging situations. Together the Group decides upon the best action encouraging all players to communicate, listen and participate in the game. The games target six important issues that students often struggle with: - morals - manners - empathy - friendship - showing emotions - managing emotions ideal for use in small groups, these games will encourage your students to work together as they learn to improve their social skills. Contains six game boards, 24 counters, one die, and one spinner.

Learning Resources Conversation Cubes

List Price:$14.99
Lowest New Price:$7.82
Spark discussions and personal responses. 6 Cubes feature 36 engaging questions to build speaking and listening skills. Also supports fluency in ELLs and students in speech programs. Includes Activity Guide.

Q’s Race to the Top On-the-Go Pack: fun questions and activities for practicing social skills, manners, and emotional control!

List Price:$12.99
Lowest New Price:$9.99
When life doesn't allow time to sit down and play, this on-the-go pack offers 90 fun question and action cards to promote social skills, better behavior, balance and coordination. With a convenient carrying case, Q's On-The-Go pack is perfect for road trips or wait-time anywhere! Join the revolution of parents and kids across the country who have fallen in love with this fun and easy way to practice emotional intelligence skills for school readiness and life success.

Q’s Race to the Top Educational Board Game with Book: social skills, manners, and better behavior!

List Price:$24.99
Lowest New Price:$29.99
Includes: 150 question and action cards, 4 figurines, large dice, game board. --- Meet Q, the genius monkey with A LOT to learn about life. In the board game "Q's Race to the Top," children can help Q race to the top of his tree house by answering questions and performing fun actions. The questions are designed to promote feeling identification and verbalization, manners, social skills, creative thinking, balance, and coordination.

The Art of Children's Conversation

List Price:$14.95
Lowest New Price:$8.12
The Art of Children's Conversation is the perfect way for children to become great communicators as they learn more about themselves and others, develop concepts and ideas and grow strong relationships. Professionally researched and developed by teachers, counselors, health educators, parents and a diverse range of children, the Art of Conversation brings extraordinarily positive results.

What Would You Do At School If... Fun Deck Cards - Super Duper Educational Learning Toy for Kids

List Price:$12.95
Lowest New Price:$10.96
Help your children make good choices in and around school with Super Duper's What Would You Do At School if... Fun Deck. Children learn how to solve problems, understand cause/effect relationships, and practice good social skills. 56 total cards with game ideas. Sturdy tin. 2 1/2" x 3 1/2".


List Price:$24.99
Lowest New Price:$18.99
The game of Consequences is a fun way to introduce or reinforce the idea that there is a consequence for all actions and behavior.

Mindfulness Matters: The game that uses mindfulness skills to improve coping in everyday life

List Price:
Lowest New Price:$18.99
Mindfulness MattersTM teaches and engages children and teens in critical mindfulness skills. Players learn different mindfulness techniques and how to apply them in their everyday lives. Game play is cooperative to enhance social skills. Adults are encouraged to join in responding and demonstrating appropriate answers. Both action cards and reflections build skills and increase understanding. Cards can also be used individually to practice mindfulness, or alternately in a competitive game. Includes 58 cards, instructions, and tips for success. Game can be played in 15-25 minutes.

Social Skills File Folder Game

List Price:$24.99
Lowest New Price:$16.69
Improve the basic social skills of young children or children with special needs with Key Education's Social Skills mini file folder games. The games and learning activities are perfect for centers and learning stations. They will help with targeted remediation, social problem solving, and the recognition and management of emotions. Teachers can customize the activities to target specific learning needs. The file folders and game pieces are sturdy, colorful,high-interest, and will provide hours of fun and learning. The colorful, fun, and skill-targeted Mini File Folder Games are the ultimate in making learning fun. Each sturdy box includes 15 mini file folder games or activities for use with small groups, centers, or independent work time. The games are preprinted--you’ll only need to cut and laminate the game pieces! These are a must for all classrooms with young or special-needs learners.

Choice-A-Quence Game

List Price:
Lowest New Price:$3.70
Nsg350 Happy Birthday! Party Game North Star Games; Happy Birthday! Gets Kids Laughing As Soon As They Open The Box. It Is The Hilarious Game Where Players Of All Ages Take Turns Giving Each Other Surprising Gifts. Happy Birthday! Makes Any Event A Party!;How To Play; Everybody Gives You A Gifts From Their Hand.;You Pick The Best.And Worst.; Those Players Get A Point!;Contents;150 Gift Cards;1 Rules Manual; Ages: 6+ Players: 3-8.

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