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Holly Correa has been an educator for over 20 years. She has a M.A. in Educational Leadership, a California Administrative Services credential, in addition to a Multiple Subjects Teaching Credential. Her experience teaching students with spectrum challenges such as Asperger’s and Autism, combined with her experience facilitating the IEP process, make her an excellent child advocate. On a personal note, Holly is the mother of a child with high functioning autism and has advocated on his behalf throughout his life. She understands first-hand the impact having a special needs child places on the family, and is passionate about finding just the right combination of support so that everyone thrives.

Please call Holly for your Southern California Advocacy needs. 805 512-2034

Advocacy Training

We have just completed our Advocacy School training classes and the Free School is now open to the public. The nine units cover the entire process from Eligibility to Litigation. The curriculum is perfect for attorneys, psychologists, parents of special needs children and others. Please visit our Online School .

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Finding Advocates

If you need to find an advocate for your child, try searching the COPAA database of members who represent special needs children.

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Rene Thomas Folse, JD, Ph.D.

I am an attorney at law and licensed psychologist (PSY 11415) in California.

I have had over thirty five years of experience with disabled adults and children.

I have created this site to help provide useful news and information for parents, educators and advocates. I am retired from professional practice, however if you need further information you may contact Pause4KIDS my affiliated non-profit organization here.

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Training Links

It is important that parents have opportunities to enhance their knowlege about their children and the services that are available for them. Here are a few links to orgainizations that provide training.



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Keri Bowers: Speaker/Filmmaker

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Parent Child Interaction Therapy

2005 UC Davis M.I.N.D. Institute Summer Series on Neurodevelopmental Disorders presents "Parent Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) with Children with ASDs" by Marjorie Soloman, Ph.D. Series: M.I.N.D

Source: UCtelevision

Running Time: 00:53:40

Helicopter Parent Panel Discussion at GRCC

Helicopter Parent Panel Discussion at GRCC

Source: Grand Rapids Community College

Running Time: 00:40:09

How to get the most out of a parent-teacher conference

Kansas State University's Laurie Curtis, assistant professor of elementary education, discusses what to do before, during and after a parent-teacher conference. She provides tips so that, as a parent, you go into the conference prepared and you leave the conference with all of your questions answered about your child's academics.

Source: Kansas State

Running Time: 00:02:38

Violence Against Children

Exposure to violence can strongly impact young children. Learn about the lasting effects of violent early interactions on brain development.

Source: University of Kentuky

Running Time: 00:55:15

Keeping Kids Healthy: Self-Injury in Children-Cutting, Burning & Secret Scars

Could your child be intentionally cutting or burning herself without your knowledge? It's called self-injury or self-mutilation, and you need to know about it, because the practice is on the rise. It's defined as a deliberate harming of your own body without a conscious attempt at suicide. It's amazingly common -- believe it or not, in a Massachusetts survey, almost a fifth of the students reported that they had injured themselves on purpose in the last year! Join host Dr. Winnie King and meet a young woman who is struggling with this very problem - and hear from her parents about how they cope. We'll also talk about what to do if you suspect your own child might be hurting herself - how you can find out, and how you can stop it. Guests: * Thea Rowan -- Age 15 * Rudd and Susan Rowan -- Parents of Thea * Barent (Barry) Walsh, PhD -- Executive Director, The Bridge of Central Massachusetts; Academic Positions: Adjunct Faculty, Boston College Graduate School of Social Work; Research Faculty, Simmons College Graduate School of Social Work; Co-Author: Self Mutilation: Theory, Research and Treatment; Other Published works: Treating Self-injury: A Practical Guide; Self-Mutilation, an essay in the Encyclopedia of Criminal and Deviant Behavior. * Alec L. Miller, PsyD -- Chief, Child and Adolescent Psychology; Director, Adolescent Depression and Suicide Program; Associate Director, Psychology Internship Training Program -- all at Montefiore Medical Center, New York City; Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Albert Einstein College of Medicine; Adjunct Clinical Supervisor, Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology, Yeshiva University; Adjunct Training Faculty, Cognitive Therapy Center; Relevant Published works: "Feasibility of Dialectical Behavior Therapy for Para Suicidal Adolescent Inpatients," Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

Source: Winnie King MD

Running Time: 00:27:01

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